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Helle Bundgaard

As an anthropologist, I have been fortunate to work in distinct fields, perhaps not the best career move but an enriching experience I draw on in my writing today.

For years, I worked with traditional craft producers in Odisha, India. However, when my children were born I could not face leaving them behind for long stretches of time. The daily visits to their nursery and pre-school triggered an increasing interest in how minority children fare in Danish pre-schools.

In 2007, it was my turn to take on a heavy administrative post in my department at Copenhagen University and that lead to an interest in university educational development.

Over the years, I have returned irregularly to Odisha to keep in touch. In 2016, I began collaborating closely with painters in order to write Painting stories.


‘A spectator bird landing to immerse but always taking off.’

Helle Bundgaard