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In my ethnographic writing workshops, we read exemplary texts and, most importantly, we write. I believe in small writing communities built on trust and a willingness to share and comment on our writing. Writing communities foster an intimate and supportive environment that is crucial to creative expression. Hearing how others have read your text can provide new insights into your writing, revealing strengths and areas for improvement.

The number of participants in a workshop can range from 4 to 30 people. Duration varies from a single half-day session to multiple sessions over two to four half days, or a series of 10 three-hour workshops spread over six months. I tailor the format to the needs of the participants. The workshops are held in either English or Danish. If you would like me to tailor a workshop for your group/team/class, please write to me at with “Ethnographic Writing Workshop” in the subject line.

Perhaps writing for the future will allow me to give something back.


Helle Bundgaard

in Painting Stories